Back In Black

The vast majority of raiding guilds out there have already gotten to the point where Trial of the Crusader bores them to the point of near lethality, but after being forced by a blowup to take a long break from raiding somewhere mid-Ulduar, then painfully rebuilding, it’s still progression content to us. Thanks to the badge farm Blizz turned heroics into a few of us are geared enough to skip right to Icecrown, but far from all, so Trial of the Single Room it is.

Which is why it was really nice to get in there last night, get the speed kill achievement on Twin Val’kyr on the first successful attempt (DPS and healers needed one wipe to discover that orbs would pounce from roughly the next county over), then one-shot Anub the first time we ever laid eyes on the bug.

Not a brag-worthy accomplishment, but it sure as hell is fun to be doing this stuff with people who learn and execute well and quickly- and study up before going in- rather than sleepwalking through encounters that aren’t tank-and-spank.


2 Responses to Back In Black

  1. Kristopher says:

    Don’t sell yourselves short.

    If you have a full T9 set + the big triumph helm, and have trolled the ICC 5man heroics for the new weapons and stuff, you can start ICC raiding if you know your spec.

    You don’t have to grind trophies out of TOC if you don’t want to.

  2. LabRat says:

    Some of us do, some of us don’t. A not-insignificant proportion of our current raiding team are just coming back from a break from the game after burnout, and are in Ulduar-level gear. Most of them are furiously gearing up through the randoms and the like. (And then there’s the poor sod that got hacked and most of his gear deleted.)

    That said, we only plan on hitting the place one more time before heading to Icecrown.

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