I don’t know what it is, but it always seems like some guilds have issues attracting and keeping certain roles and/or classes. They’re always starved for tanks and some plate DPS-at-heart has to grumpily climb into a defense-capped suit every week in order to get the raid done, or they have to chronically thump the bushes for healers. Goodness knows when I browse the realm forums and look at what guilds are recruiting for what just to keep up to date, it seems like a dramatic proportion of them are looking for trees, resto shamans, holy priests, healadins, or something, anything defense-capped with a high armor score to get hit in the face for the team.

This is not Reprisal’s issue. Right now we have enough people who really would prefer to tank and *more* than enough people who are healers at heart or ONLY healers to form a second ten-man team, something which I would really like to do just so we can have happy raiders doing what they prefer to do. (Also, it’s really difficult to keep people motivated to be as geared as possible for the raid when they’re not using the spec they most enjoy playing with.)

What we lack is DPS, enough that we sometimes have to stretch to fill the ten-man team we have now, never mind a second one- AND two of our core, reliable DPS were tanks in previous lives who are doing the DPS thing now in part because they got sick of always being the one stuck with the role. So, we have a grand total of four people that are DPS, only DPS, and are doing it because that’s the role they enjoy most in the game- and two of them suffer from chronic scheduling problems due to work issues.

I sympathize, I really do. I retired my hunter because I was most thoroughly bored with him and with ranged DPS in general, and my offspec is Ret rather than Holy only because that’s the role that actually needs to be filled if a fight only requires the one tank. Ossifer Bear is regretfully retiring his tree spec in favor of kitty or boomkin (he hasn’t decided yet) for the same reason.

There must be SOMEthing about Reprisal’s guild culture that attracts and keeps the personality types that are most satisfied guarding or mending the raid rather than kicking the shit out of the boss, but damned if I could say what it is. In the meantime, my frickin’ kingdom for a DPS shaman- we want bloodlust!


6 Responses to WTB DPS

  1. Evelline - Lighting's Blade says:

    I find it hard to believe that you’re having a difficult time finding DPS. Although, I can find it easy to believe that you’re having a hard time finding competent DPS.

  2. Kristopher says:

    Have some of your tankadins and bears start some DKs.

    Nothing can do melee DPS like a competent DK. Rogues do a bit more DPS, but their AoE sucks and they are squishy.

  3. Evelline - Lighting's Blade says:

    I play a rogue and you’re right about us being squishy. It’s part of the reason why Rogues die to Whirlwind/Cleave type stuff too often. The DPS is nice, however, even if raid Mutilate spec is a bit boring/face-roll.

  4. LabRat says:

    As Ripley said, believe it or not! A majority of the applicants we’ve gotten lately are tanks or healers.

    That, or warlocks. We’ve got like four warlocks now. It’s completely nuts.

    Kris- we actually do have one really good DK. He and Stingray are our only regular melee, though; lately the only other has usually been our healadin in his offspec.

  5. Eric Hammer says:

    Wow, we had exactly the opposite problem back in the day (when Karazan was just edging into farmable territory). My main was a tank, and even after months of smashing that place to peices suggesting I bring my shammy alt was received as though I asked to tea bag our off tank. Not because he was terribly geared (though perhaps not well) but because we had 10^27 DPS monkeys, and only two good tanks. (No offense to the DPSers out there; we had some serious greenies showing up to DPS.)
    Admitedly, my wife and I had rolled healer/warrior after getting tired of looking for a healer and my shammy could no longer tank every instance, but still, one gets a little tired staring at daemon man junk every weekend while listening to cries of “Elemental Incomming” over Vent. It is nice to blast baddies too 🙂

  6. LabRat says:

    The trend continues, too. Latest three applicants? Tank with no offspec, healing priest with shadow offspec (she’ll be shadow if she raids with us), resto shaman with undergeared enhancement offspec (ditto she’ll have to go enhance or go without and that was brought up in the interview.) We did have a nice pair of folks that got slingshotted right into ICC runs because they’re DPS. The druid was thrilled beyond her wildest dreams that we actually WANTED her to use her kitty mainspec because she’d always been forced to heal in the past.


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