Nosing Around In ICC

Marrowgar down, some hilarious figuring out of trash pulls (dear Stingray, the time to inform us of a sparkly trap is not *after* the giant skeletons have spawned), then kersplat on Deathwhisper which we could only attempt twice because our hunter had to leave for work.

We really had no business being there given more than half of us are still realistically only ToC geared, so it was nice to at least smoosh Mr. Skull and Bones. We’ll come back and own the place in a few weeks.

I have a longer post in draft, but after cooldown dancing and chasing Deathwhisper adds hither and yon I am now a flatadin.


8 Responses to Nosing Around In ICC

  1. Kristopher says:

    Couldn’t handle Lady Death-Lecture?

    Yea, just keep farming the bone freak until you all are geared. Eventually you’ll have the fight down and be able to clobber her.

    My current raid ( a Serendipity/Coalition Victory joint effort ) is bouncing on Festergut right now. We’ll just keep re-running it from the beginning until we are all geared enough to blow him over, or until we all know the fight well enough to win anyway … or some combination of the two.

  2. Kristopher says:

    Oh, and give Stingray a bag of smoke bombs. Have him mark the damned things.

  3. LabRat says:

    Deathwhisper was chaos and confusion. Mostly due to a combination of the fight really being something both tanks had to experience rather than read about to learn, and the DPS constantly getting their signals crossed on what they should be focused on when. I’m sure if we’d had time for more than two attempts (and the second was significantly better) we’d have gotten it down, but we didn’t, so…

  4. Stingray says:

    Mayhaps if a certain enthusiastic paladin hadn’t been charging way ahead of the one with the disarm traps button, and he’d had a chance to see it without paladin footprints all over it, that would’ve been a possibility. Just sayin’.

  5. LabRat says:


  6. Kristopher says:

    It must be truthy … she used all caps.

  7. Manta says:

    My recommendation for Deathwisper is to bring a mage. They can spell steal off the uberbuff the adds get that can one shot people. Oh and mages can get rid of all those annoying curses from the adds if you are not running with a druid or shaman healer.

  8. LabRat says:

    We’ve got a tree, so the curses aren’t a problem, but the lack of raiding shamans is now a running joke to the point that people are watching to see if the officers levelling shamans as alts will explode or g-quit when they ding 80.

    Unfortunately, the only mage we have right now is Ossifer Bear’s alt, and none of the other tanks are as geared as he and I.

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