More From The Search Strings

…Because I only have one real idea and no time to write it in.

What kind of pants does a paladin DPS need

Plate ones, with lots of strength on them. Crit and haste are also yay. Hit is your most critical stat until you reach 8% hit rating, at which point you cease to care, though more isn’t completely useless. Armor penetration is okay, but it’s a far better stat for warrior DPS than us, so some of them will pout if you win a roll on pants with lots of ar-pen on them. If the pants have defense, parry, or dodge on them they are tank pants and not for you. Ditto spell power, that is for healadins who quite rightly always expect to never have any competition for gear except from other healadins. There are quite nice pants available in heroic Trial of the Champion if you’re trying to gear up a fresh 80. They are intimidatingly black and will serve you nicely until you have the badges to put costume jewelry all over your thighs. I miss my black pants.

Not generating enough threat protection paladin

Do you have all three points in touched by the light? If not go respec and make damn sure you do. Don’t give me “lol tanks dont need spellpower”; your entire threat mechanic depends on holy damage done, that’s magic damage, and that means spellpower. There is no spellpower on tanking plate, so this talent handily converts a stat that IS found on tanking plate into it. You’re also much better off forgoing reckoning in order to get deep enough into the ret tree to pick up all of crusade.

Are you tanking in seal of wisdom? Don’t do that. Make sure you have blessing of sanctuary up for mana regen and pull fast enough to keep divine plea ticking as much as possible. Use seal of corruption (or vengeance if you’re some snot-nosed Alliance) or seal of command.


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