I’m Making A Note Here: Huge Success

Great night last night, when by all odds it shouldn’t have been.

Our normal progression nights are Fridays and Sundays, but for the last two weekends we’ve had to move the Sunday raid to Monday, which a nontrivial number of our normal core can’t make. We came back in to ICC with Marrowgar dead after the weekly raid target to work on Deathwhisper, our current wall, with a third healer we haven’t worked with much and three people we’d never brought on a raid at all filling in for various missing DPS. Not the most promising outlook, but we were feeling fairly optimistic anyway.

And we were justified. It took us several wipes, but with each one we focused on a beat we were missing, made the appropriate refinement, and finally killed her on about the fifth try. Everyone new that we brought turned out to be a strong player with a good attitude, everyone listened, innovated, and executed well, and it showed results. That was probably the most purely satisfying boss kill I’ve ever been a part of, and I know I wasn’t the only one. I don’t think it will be an effortless kill the next time we face her- she probably needs to be at least partially relearned for each raid composition- but nonetheless, she’s no longer a wall.

We moved on and took out Gunship next, which was every bit as much fun as advertised. We extended the raid ID to hopefully take out Saurfang next raid night, then mop up the rotting giant weekly quest. Normally we’d start a fresh run to build on lessons learned, but we’re really hungry to see that first wing fully cleared.

Lower Spire isn’t really that big a deal in current progression game terms. Once we start taking out the likes of Blood Queen and Putricide we might have something worth bragging about, but still, for a small ten-man guild rebuilding from near total collapse this is extremely satisfying. We’re probably stronger now than we’ve ever been, and what was probably most gratifying last night was confirmation that we have a lot to draw on in our roster even without our normal “A team”. I think we’re about ready to start seriously working on building a second regular ten-man team.

Oh, and the first loot seen out of Deathwhisper? Something that could only possibly be used by a shaman. Initial V is still maybe a week out from being able to raid ICC with hers and wasn’t there, of course. How’s that curse I cursed you with, cursey?


2 Responses to I’m Making A Note Here: Huge Success

  1. Kristopher says:

    Sorry I can’t help. I’m not paying $225 to go horde … besides, they don’t have gnomes.

  2. LabRat says:

    $225? How many alts do you HAVE?

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