Thundering Herd

A few days ago Big Bear Butt posted about people who fall in love with the look or mechanics of a particular class or race and put out a call for responses.

I don’t think I’m particularly hung up on any one class. My two 80-level classes were both chosen because I heard they were easy to level, and I quickly grew bored with being a hunter in an end-game environment. I’ve got a case of altitis that I can’t really support because I don’t have that much time to play that wouldn’t be more productively spent playing on my main raiding character and spec; nonetheless, my shaman is now 70 and I hope to get her up to 80 and play with her, if only because I’d like to try life on the healing end of things and devoting Juujube’s second spec to paladin healing would be impractical for a number of reasons. (Mostly because Reprisal is very healer-heavy and when I’m needed to do something besides tank, it’s almost always DPS that’s required. We’ve had five-man runs that were two main-spec tanks running with three main-spec healers.)

As I beaver away through trying out at least a little of every other class- the only ones I haven’t played at all are priest, warlock, and rogue- I find what I’m really drawn to is versatile, reactive classes. I like playing with my shaman because her totem collections and healing options make her a Swiss Army Knife of a class, and I like playing a warrior tank so well I have two of them at various pathetically low levels. I really enjoyed Death Knighting, and plan to either recover my little gothgnome or roll up a new one on the Horde side- I could see myself spending hours happily designing situational specs with those tinker-toy talent trees they have. I really like the sheer flexibility of levelling a druid, but I could see myself easily getting bored with sticking to a single spec and specialty. I found my mage so mind-numbing I abandoned her at level three. I’m sure it gets better, but the only end-game mage spec that looks at all interesting to me is fire, and I’m told it’s a pain to gear for. Either way I’m pretty sure I’ll never be a pure DPS class again.

With race, though, I have some extremely definite preferences. The first thing I wanted to make was a tauren druid (I made a Night Elf instead since my friend who got me into the game is Alliance), and half my alts are tauren. Once the new race/class combinations go into effect, Juujube will be immediately turned tauren, and I’ve toyed with race-changing my orc shaman to a tauren because the whole orc thing just doesn’t seem to fit well on me. I don’t think they’re the most interesting Horde race available- that would be the Forsaken- but as much as I enjoy Forsaken NPCs and quest chains, I’ve only ever rolled one Forsaken and that was the misbegotten mage. I just don’t seem to have any inner spiteful zombie, while the level-headed tauren fit quite well. (Stingray, meanwhile, would roll nothing but Forsaken if not for the sake of experiment.)

When I was Alliance, dwarves fit as well if not actually better, which is why Juuju, who leveled to 80 as Alliance, was one. She had a very basic character concept- all of my characters have at least some concept and backstory just because I can’t not do that for some reason- and that was she was a person whose main joy and fulfillment in life was hitting things with large hammers, then getting hammered. This fit well for a dwarven paladin with blacksmithing and mining tradeskills. It does not fit AT ALL on a blood elf, and right now she’s the only character of any level of mine who I wouldn’t know how to roleplay if the urge ever struck me. This bothers me.

What bothers me even more is that she doesn’t look like a tank to me. Her arms belong on a fashion model with a heroin addiction. Hamcrusher the dwarf looked like she could take a hit with her shield and dish it right back; Juujube the blood elf looks like the same action would shatter her entire upper body. The crazed coke whore look would work great on a rogue, mage, or warlock, but it’s just not doing it for me paladin-wise.

I simply can’t wait for the day she’s a big, fat, sturdy cow.


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