Chocolate Bar

Anyone use this thing? I’ve been a Titan Panel user since I started playing the game, but for some arcane reason it stopped working on the last patch and hasn’t resurrected since. It didn’t break Titan for Stingray or anyone else I know who used it, but it did for me, and now I’m after a replacement.

Chocolate Bar seemed perfect, but I can’t get it to display any of the information I was actually after. It works great as a LibDataBroker addon launcher- and would be even more great if I could figure out how to nuke my forty skillion minimap launchers that I no longer need- but it doesn’t do what Titan did and what I was given the impression it did, which was display information about gold, bag space, map coordinates, and so forth. The documentation is exceedingly unhelpful and seems to be along the Mac “just works” attitude.

Am I just missing another addon? Does it not display for the same arcane reason Titan stopped displaying? Am I missing something obvious? Can anyone reading this help me out or should I take my whinefest to EpicAdvice?


4 Responses to Chocolate Bar

  1. crankyhealer says:

    Minimap icons, you need to suppress those in the individual mods. Every mod will have a checkbox “display minimap icon” and you click it off.

    Mine does money, bag space, ammo etc in conjunction with Ark Inventory, that has little broker modules. Magic. You may have to download some broker modules separately to get it to display that stuff.

  2. LabRat says:

    Thanks Cranky. I’ll start with AI and move on from there. I have a suspicion some things are still broken on a personal level, as it still doesn’t do stuff like let me drag and drop plugins, but that’ll be a start.

  3. Issy says:

    I stopped using Titanthingy a long while ago and use Fubar (yeah I know :P) instead which did pretty much the same thing if that helps 🙂
    And for hiding stuff on my mini-map I use MBB

    Chocolate Bar sounds a lot more tasty though 😉

  4. Justin says:

    I also dropped Titan for FuBar long ago. Recently, FuBar started reshowing the minimap icons whenever I log back in though. May be it is time to delete all the saved variables and start again.

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