Dear Wintergrasp Rogue Gankers

I realize you probably feel about paladins in general the same way I feel about frost mages, and yes, the paladin standing motionlessly in front of the quartermasters probably is not paying much attention and generally not ready for a fight. However, in the future when choosing your gank targets, you may wish to pay attention to the big, obvious gnome-coffin shield and the less obvious but equally telling face-smashing one-hander.

If you should choose to proceed apace, in the time it takes her to notice you, close her inventory window, close the vendor window, and put on a seal, not only will she have recovered from the stunlock, not even half her health will be gone and she will be very annoyed with you indeed.


One Response to Dear Wintergrasp Rogue Gankers

  1. Kristopher says:


    PvP’er n00bs seem to have difficulty identifying t9 and t10 equiped raiders.

    During the Valentine’s festivities I was doing “pity the fool” at Gurubashi Arena. An 80th level PvPer and a couple of sub 70s were just standing around.

    before descending to the arena floor, I laid down a DnD at the base of the stairs, popped trinkets, AoD, and walked down there surrounded by an army of zombies. And popped Icebound Lolitude just for excessiveness’s sake.

    Popped the decoy, pitied it, and walked away.

    The 80th level rogue just said, apparently in response to a whisper: “I ain’t attacking that for you.”

    The Huntard 65th lvl PvP’er shot a bow at me as I was mounting up … so I cancelled the mount, and just stood there and watched the Army eat him.

    The rogue just /lol ‘ed, and /waved at me.

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