Lower Spire Down

We took out Saurfang in only three attempts tonight, the first time fighting him that wasn’t an accidental Leeroy. (“Let’s just have a look at what’s past this door. Wait, I think we need to talk to Saurfang…”) Not only that, but on the third, successful attempt, we got I’ve Gone And Made A Mess– the DPS were absolute champions at controlling and nuking the Blood Beasts after only a few tries to see how things went. After that, we spent some hilarious time wiping on the Upper Spire trash, then took a “let’s just see” crack at Festergut that involved getting him down to two thirds of his health even though Holy Terror, our lead and best-geared healer, got basically one-shotted during the pull. We are confident we have the stuff to take him down and just need to nail the execution.

I am ridiculously proud of my little herd of kittens right now. We are definitely a casual guild and we do prioritize attitude, temperament, and overall compatibility over gear and availability, but for having as small a core and the kinds of priorities we do we can seriously dial it in when we put our minds to it.


6 Responses to Lower Spire Down

  1. crankyhealer says:

    Hehe I had a similar experience last night. It wasn’t our first Saurfang kill, but last night it was a rag-tag crew of mostly healers (shock!) using their off-spec DPS. I was awesome and did 4.5k on Saurfang. Kitteh SLASH! (Yes, I need to work on it, I can do better.) But we kinda hit a “gear wall” on Fester. You really need a ridonkulous amount of DPS if you’re gonna 3-heal it.

    The other guild group last night, which was a little more balanced, managed to 2-heal it by the seat of their pants. They didn’t have enough dps and they were getting him down to like 5% so they did a switchies.

    The “SUPER SECRET” to Fester is that the enrage timer is so short, that you’re only going to have 2 phases where he’s all inhaled and hitting the tanks like a truck. So gotta coordinate tank and healer cooldowns for those phases. That’s it. Really. Cooldowns. And gross, obscene, profane dps.

  2. Kristopher says:

    Festergut … nasty. Not getting into position during the pull fast enough = instawipe.

    We ganked him in 10 man, but we don’t quite have enough DPS for 25 yet.

    And I need to remember to turn off screen effects next time … I got lost in the orange haze last night while trying to deliver the damned spore.

    • crankyhealer says:

      RE: getting lost in the orange haze. Put a raid symbol above the “main person” in the ranged group, and possibly both MT’s.

      • Kristopher says:

        Didn’t help … they were using blue and green markers, and I still got lost.

        People were shouting “The other right!” in vent.

        Gotta turn off the screen effects in raids. Did that in ToC last night, and avoiding floor crap got much easier.

  3. LabRat says:

    We’ve got at least three regular DPS’ers capable of sustaining north of 6k, up to 6.5-7 for at least one person and I think probably two now. (Suicide Dotter got a nice drop last night off Saurfang and is probably already plotting on dethroning Stingray as top DPS.) Hopefully our middle-of-the-packers will be able to make up the rest, depending on who’s in attendance.

    I’m actually more worried about how geared our healers are than the DPS… luck has not favored them as much as it has the DPS in drops so far.

    ETA: having my co-tank be a bear that can go kitty when he’s full to the gills of Gastric Bloat doesn’t hurt a bit either…

  4. Stingray says:

    Plots don’t always come to fruition.

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