Moving Right Along

Full clear of lower spire in our first night of raiding tonight, in spite of having some people filling in where they normally don’t. (Including Initial V, who we threw way, way into the healing deep end with her two-day-old resto spec. She rose to the occasion admirably.) We’ll move on to do some serious work on Festergut and perhaps Rotface on Sunday, though we’ll be down one of our top DPS and one of the solid middle-benchers; we’ll see if we can make up for it with what we’ve got left. Quite a few people got nice upgrades tonight, so I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

I think we need to move in to do some serious recruiting. We now seem to have gone from having a surplus of tanks to having no surplus at all, and I really want to move toward that second team even if it’s awkward. If nothing else having a deeper field of more-than-ten will make nights like tonight where we have to rebalance around rotating some people in easier, and it’s really starting to niggle at me that it would be damned nice if me and Ossifer Bear weren’t so goddamn indispensable. I like feeling needed and I’m good at my job, but it would be nice to take a weekend off now and then without having to cancel the raid for it. I know he feels the same. If I have to rotate out now and then when I’d rather not, or spend some time in my very nicely geared but never used DPS set, then so be it.


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