Attendance Blues

Well, we’re swinging around from having slightly too many people to people assuming that since raid signups are always overflowing, to the point where we mark some as “standby”, that means they can blow it off and someone will obviously be around to take their place. Which is only slightly annoying when one or two people do it, but when three or more people do it it completely scotches the raid and leaves a lot of frustration. We don’t demand 100% attendance on raid nights or even 50%, but it kind of screws us when we have no idea if people intend to show up or not.

All this really tells me is what I already knew before, except with putting a greater sense of urgency to it: we need to recruit more, not even to fill out two ten-mans, but to broaden our pool of raiders that we know we can almost certainly count on to be there, on time and not waiting on something else to happen, when they sign up. And that second ten-man will come in time; really I should never have let the realm recruiting thread drop to the point that I did in the first place.

So to all twenty or so of my readers: if you are looking for a raiding home where you aren’t racing for server firsts or even thirds, progression is limited to two nights a week of about three to three and a half hours max, but progression still happens steadily and with a relaxed and good-humored atmosphere, Reprisal of Steamwheedle Cartel is looking for more. Our shiny new recruitment thread lives here.

In other news, Single Abstract Noun and Steelspark the bitty little warrior have been marvelous as a break from raiding, preparing for raids, officering, and so forth. Poor Steel is only level 10 and broke as a very broke thing, mostly because /gchat is usually more interesting and entertaining than killing another Trogg. If you’re looking for a “vacation” server/guild, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


3 Responses to Attendance Blues

  1. crankyhealer says:

    When you’re marking people as “Standby”, are you also marking people as “confirmed?” We tend to confirm 10 and put the rest on “standby.” Those who are confirmed better show up because they are expected to be there.

  2. LabRat says:

    Yep. But we started marking less than ten “confirmed” and as “standby” instead because we were getting so many “confirmed” no-shows. I feel it may have just confused things further.

    Either way the need for a meeting to discuss what “confirmed”, “standby”, and “tentative” actually mean and what we expect is clearly necessary.

  3. Kristopher says:

    For Serendipity raids:

    Confirmed and standby should mean “I intend to be there; on time, gemmed, enchanted, and with flasks.”

    The first 10 sign-ups are confirmed. The rest are on standby. If a confirmed is not there and ready 20 minutes before the raid, his position is given to the standbys who are there, and able to play his position, in order of sign up.

    You can unsubscribe up to an hour before the raid … habitual no-shows are deleted, or manually shoved into bottom-of-the-list on standby.

    Being either confirmed or standby is no guarantee of a spot … if they HAVE to have a second ‘lock or somesuch, one will be PuG-ed if needed, and someone will get bumped.

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