In Which I Exploit My Ability To Finally Take Screenshots

Very mundane sort of ability, I know, but it was still nice to finally figure out that the reason my screenshots never worked is because… my print screen button is broken. Re-keybound to F12, I can take all the shots I want. I love my old nigh-indestructible Northgate, but it mayhap be time to finally replace the old warhorse with one of those fragile, upstart membrane keyboards.

Things have been rather slow lately as Ossifer Bear, Holy Terror, and a too-large chunk of our DPS pool are all out of town having meatspace fun rather than raiding with us, so I’ve been spending more time in Single Abstract Noun, in which my altitis, kept in check on my home server due to my sense of obligation to keep Juuju in raiding trim, has blossomed like kudzu. This is the cast of characters currently competing for my attention:

Steelspark warms her bottom

Steelspark is a level 12 gnome warrior. Her meager talent points are all in Protection, as I’ve always wanted a warrior tank to play around with out of sheer Paladin Toolbox Envy. (Yes, I know ours is just as big, but I don’t have the same kinds and I really want to be able to charge around like a loon dammit.) She enjoys writing long monographs about the botany of Azeroth, birdwatching, philosophy, and ceaseless, gratuitous violence. Currently she toils at the whim of the Dwarven landlords and gentry, but she dreams of revolution and has a list of those to be first against the wall, currently populated by the two bourgeois pigs that made her jog repeatedly across wolf-infested tundra shuttling beer and the empty mug back and forth.

Dragonfruit finds your prose uninspired and your shirt ugly.

This is Dragonfruit the level 6 mage. He was inspired by brainstorming tropical fruit names to give characters in honor of Kumquat, and my discovering that, thanks to having male Draeni as an option, I could indeed make a character that looked both dragonish and fruity. Dragonfruit disapproves of pretty much everything, especially Night Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Death Knights, Warlocks, Druids, Shadow Priests, youth that wear their mail pants two sizes too big so that the crotch dangles and clanks, and the color beige. He interacts with the world primarily by setting fire to the bits he objects to most strongly.

Sountrack: "Ride of the Valkyries"

This is Badgertooth the level 58 Death Knight, on his way to pour hellfire upon the innocent. He is mostly hostility and beard. He’s really pissed off about a great many things, none moreso than that beer, meat, and sex become a lot less enjoyable after death, though violence still holds all its old charms. Rumor has it that the beard has its own action bar, and can bubble-hearth, stunlock, conjure mana strudel, and silence.

Badger seems to already be evolving toward blood tanking (I see tanking talents and I’m just helplessly drawn to them), even though that is of course the most inappropriate tree to be tanking in until you’re raiding. I’ve always wanted a warrior tank and Steel was created to that end, but levelling a mage is so much more fun as Dragonfruit than it was on the previous mage I tried I suspect they must have changed something fundamental about it. Getting hit in the face without crying is my first love, but there is something different and novel about fireballing things to death before they can even reach me.

I’ll probably not get much of anywhere with any of them thanks to having my attention so divided, but the beauty of the whole concept is I have no reason to care.


4 Responses to In Which I Exploit My Ability To Finally Take Screenshots

  1. Kristopher says:

    Ya need to level Steelspark all the way. The world needs more gnomettes spinning around with huge axes and swords the size of surfboards.

  2. Eric Hammer says:

    Freakin’ gmomes… I would have traded every Tauren racial trick for the simple ability “Punt Midget” that let me kick the nigh untargetable buggers some 100 yards away.

    I would recommend, probably erroneously 50 patches later, speccing arms or fury with the warrior for a bit. You can tank just fine like that until around level 40, and actually being able to kill things in a reasonable amount of time makes leveling more pleasant. Granted, I haven’t leveled a warrior since shortly after Stratholm was a scary raid sort of place, but leveling a Prot Warrior without a beat stick running around with you was pretty miserable.

  3. Kristopher says:

    I remember the last time I was in PvP vs. a Tauran Huntard playing with a touchpad laptop …

    Bad turning radius, dude. He couldn’t get Sheela off his backside no matter how much tail-chasing he did.

    He died rather quickly.

    Oh, and if there are any rules on punting toons, STR will be a major component. My DK will drop kick yer Tauren into low orbit.

  4. LabRat says:

    Eric- actually, levelling as a prot warrior is really not so bad these days; definitely light years better than prot paladin, for example. Revenge gives you a high enough damage skill that things die with reasonable speed, and being able to take on three mobs at once comfortably makes up for the rest since you need to worry about pulls much less.

    I’ve played gnomes and tauren both at this point and can say that tab-targetting and moving with your mouse tend to negate problems… as for little rogues and tauren hunters, that’s why my big boy with the gun has a wing clip/disengage macro. I haven’t met the rogue yet that can kill him without a partner.

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