Wrath Is Wrapping Up- My To-Do List Runneth Over

And no, I’m not talking about Loremaster, which Stingray is doing but looks like the world’s most efficient way to kill off all my brain cells one at a time to me. I’ve seen enough of the old world quest lines, from both factions, to not be terribly exercised that it’s changing; I suspect that when Cataclysm hits I’ll feel it’s not changed enough for my tastes.

No, what’s getting to me is my perennial altitis. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being a paladin, and I enjoy the hell out of being main tank; it’s that for me, a great deal of the fun in any game is exploring the mechanics and trying on a little bit of everything until I find my absolute best match. Having some obligation to stay within level range of Stingray (who rolled a rogue because he was quite secure in his self-identification as a person who most enjoys stabbing things in the kidneys and is every bit as confident in that now) meant that that process, which quite likely would have led to me having ten characters in the 30-70 range, was rather arrested. I picked a hunter, and then a paladin, because they were considered easy to level, and stuck with them because I got into raiding- I only swapped over to Juuju from my hunter because I had the other 80 left over from my time on the Alliance side and we badly needed a tank.

Cataclysm, and the gear reset that all expansions represent, offers the opportunity, if I want it and if I put in the 1-80 work, to switch mains without giving up a lot of work in terms of end-game gearing. If Cataclysm weren’t on the horizon, I’d have to have a pretty strong motivation to set Juuju, who is quite healthily geared as a main tank, aside. My shaman is stalled out at level 71 with Stingray having mostly lost interest in his warrior, and if I wanted to I could push her up the other nine levels, use her as a crafting mule, and then maybe take another look at her when the expansion hits and see if I don’t really have a healer in my heart after all. (Actually enhancement is looking a lot more tempting- it’s just so SHINY.)

I have a ton of fun playing my prot-specced lowbie warriors. I know I’m a tank at heart, but I’ve only played the one tanking class at end-game. What if I’d like to stay tank, but I’d really rather be a reactive, zoomy, doesn’t-need-to-cope-with-mana warrior, instead of a rotation-bound stationary paladin? I’ve always hated being so dependent on mana, it really feels like the wrong flavor for a tank. On the other hand, it would take me a lot less time to level a Death Knight, and the rune system intrigues me, and the self-healing mechanic of blood just looks so freakin’ cool, as well as being a balls-to-the-wall two-haded smasher rather than ducking behind a shield every few seconds. And druids. Man, druids. I could be a BEAR. RAWR. And a kitty, RAWR, for offpsec. And bears will actually get some buttons in Cataclysm! What I wouldn’t give to be able to test-run an 80 of each for a few weeks…

I’d kinda like to hop on my 22 warrior and go tank some lowbie instance right now. But I have to have dinner within an hour, and it might dump me into Wailing Caverns, and then I’ve got another thing I have to do not too long after dinner that’ll take hours, and when it comes to WoW time I really should be farming stuff to switch professions from mining to Jewelcrafting because my bank is absolutely STUFFED with ore and I just need to get it done…

Wrath may nearly be over, but I don’t have nearly enough time to get everything done I want to.


One Response to Wrath Is Wrapping Up- My To-Do List Runneth Over

  1. Kristopher says:

    I did get one thing out of doing ALL the quests … gold.

    Need epic flight? A Darkmoon Greatness card? A Kirin Tor ring? A chopper or a three seater Mammoth? Do all the quests you can find in each zone in Wowwiki.

    Always choose the most expensive quest reward. Gather all herb, minirals, or skins.

    Sell everything.

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