Gchat Quote of the Day

From one of our rogues, who is also the mother of a seven-month-old:

“My daughter has officially the learned the ‘drop a toy, then knock mommy out of stealth when she reaches for it’ game.”

Guild consensus: roll a hunter for the kid.


3 Responses to Gchat Quote of the Day

  1. Askevar says:

    My son had this mastered a while back – drop a toy, drop mommy out of stealth right in front of a fel reaver on my kitty 😀

    Then laugh.

  2. Kalacios says:

    My four year old son loves a couple of variations of this, one called “move daddy’s boomkin while he’s casting starfire” and one called “while daddy is running to the flight point in ironforge – make him turn and fall into the lava”. Wonderful times we’ve had playing those!

  3. Kristopher says:

    Needed steps on the road to teaching your toddler how to level your alts.

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