Aloha, LOL

Warcraft, like any other large-scale hobby with a devoted following, has a great deal of its own language. “Tank”, “DPS”, “PST”, “LoS”, “pull”, “boomkin”, they all mean exactly doodly squat to someone who doesn’t play and they’ll all get you called noob if you don’t know what they mean. But in the entire game, is there any so versatile a term as “lol”? In the greater internet it tends to mean “I am laughing out loud right now”, but over my career in the World of Warcraft, especially its pickup groups and battlegrounds, I have come to find that it can mean so many more things.


“I am furious with you right now”

“I love you”

“I’m going AFK to do my taxes and send in some suggestions on balancing the national budget, someone else heal”

“I’m sorry, was that fourteen mobs? I thought it was the win button.”

“Check it out, this stuff on the ground tickles.”

“I am a complex tapestry of shaded emotions.”

“I am the vampiric bastard child of Kael’thas and Sylvanas.”

“I am extremely impaired right now.”

“I hate you all.”

“Group one go north and take stables, group two hold lumber mill, the rest of you defend farm”

“Please tip 10% of mats cost”

“I’m sorry, I have no gear, gold, or brain cells, could you let me skate on this and just get what I want anyway please?”

“Goodness that wipe was spectacular, who was healing while I was on my smoke break, they must have sucked.”

“I find the existential nature of our situation to be truly side-splitting. Also I am so baked right now.”


“Real tanks don’t need defense”

“I am sorry, I am deeply embarrassed right now and have nothing else to say.”

“I find the expectations you have burdensome.”

“Check it out, my toes are made of pizza.”

“GTG, raid”

“I exist to infuriate you.”


6 Responses to Aloha, LOL

  1. Kristopher says:

    I suppose saying Lol at this point would be bad?

  2. Tam says:

    Yes, lol is definitely punctuation these days… for better or worse, probably worse.

    I get particularly nerdrage-ish when people use it irrelevantly at the end of a particularly serious statement.

    I’m sorry guys, I’m going to have to call the raid because my left foot has just been eaten by the crocodile under my desk and I’m about to fall unconscious due to blood loss lol.

  3. Kristopher says:

    Tam: lol is easier than using the shift key to type a smilie to signal “I’m kidding”.

    These kids will follow their own conventions when texting … none of our old fogey complaints will make a dent in it.

  4. LabRat says:

    What he’s complaining about, though, is using it reflexively at the end of EVERY sentence even when the speaker isn’t even remotely kidding.

    We actually had a civil chat with one younger guildie who was like this. He was actually completely unconscious of doing it most of the time, it was habit to that degree. It ended after that.

  5. (And my personal guess is that nine times out of ten it does in fact stand for “I exist to infuriate you.” But in this case, I merely laughed out loud at your post).

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