She Deep Breaths More

….And blows the layer of dust off this place.

I don’t anticipate having much more time to post regularly here than I have, but I can at least still use the place for WoW posts when that’s what I feel like writing about.

To recap from my absence;

Major roster changes; about half the core raiders we had when I was regularly updating are gone due to various RL reasons, and my partner tank Ossifer Bear is now Ossifer Tree and looks to be so for good. We did clear out ICC and kill the Lich King before Cata hit, and it was probably the most satisfying and epic moment of the entire game for me and I’m still a bit sorry for not writing about it when it happened. The short version is that after weeks of wiping and a particularly dismal night of failure, we walked in the next raiding night and one-shot the fight in a performance so flawless it might as well have been professionally choreographed. Strange, but that’s the way a lot of fights worked for us- we’d fail in every possible imaginable way and then things would suddenly gel for everybody.

My flirtations with other tanking classes are pretty much over. I still enjoy playing my warrior, DK, and now baby bear alts, but I love the way protection paladins play now and can’t imagine ever changing my main. (It doesn’t hurt at all that Juujube the blood elf became Jujutan the tauren the day of launch and I no longer am forced to be the world’s most anorexic tank.)


2 Responses to She Deep Breaths More

  1. Tam says:

    Yes, I have to admit I do find belf paladins utterly absurd. I mean, they look like they don’t have the energy to pick up a sword, let alone fight with it. But hurrah for cows!

  2. LabRat says:

    The worst of it is that when my old partner quit bearing for filling green bars, my new one became our male tauren death knight. Which means I spent every fight as the main tank a quarter of my off-tank’s size. I thought this was a minor issue that only bothered me until I race-changed, and the first night of raiding as a cow our tank healer commented:

    “You know, it’s really nice to be able to see where Juju is instead of guessing that’s she’s probably somewhere roughly next to Az…”

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