About the Guild

Reprisal is a general-purpose guild on the US Steamwheedle Cartel server.  We used to be a moderate deal of a raiding guild, until a big split between  members who wanted to be hardcore about raiding and get achievements and members who just wanted to have fun with their friends for a few hours a couple nights a week resulted in the bulk of the raiding core departing for other guilds and in many cases other servers entirely.  (This is an oversimplification and there were a lot of social tensions underlying, but it’s the version of events that fits on a cocktail napkin.)   After a rebuilding effort we are now a small deal of a raiding-and-casual guild who are having a lot of fun with it and are back on track to progression again. If we can field a full team, we can down it.

We are mostly adults with the kind of settled adult lives that involve jobs, kids, mortgages, and pets.  Raids can and have been paused for cat puke and hysterical toddlers.  We can be found here.


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