Single Abstract Noun

March 4, 2010

So Tamarind of Righteous Orbs had an idea, which was to pick a server, form a guild called Single Abstract Noun, and make it a sort of social community hub for members of the WoW blogging community, in much the same way It Came From The Blog is for the community. Alas, US players cannot play on EU servers and vice versa, so Miss Medicina formed a stateside chapter. Rules:

The guild rules of Single Abstract Noun are as follows:

1. Anybody with even the vaguest passing interest in the blogging community is welcome – which is why it’s a blogging communities guild, not a bloggers’ guild.

2. Single Abstract Noun is a pantocracy – which means, not only that pants are encouraged, but it’s rule by all. The guild belongs to all who belong to it.

3. Use the guild however you like, as a meeting place, for conversation, for running the occasional dungeon, have a million alts, have a single character, whatever you like.

4. There are no rules about respecting other people because GODDAMN IT I’M TAKING THAT AS READ.

5. Leave your wowcock in the stand by the door.

Just about every opportunity I’ve taken to meet other bloggers and otherwise participate in the kinds of communities they create has wound up a lot of fun. I don’t know how often I’ll be on her, but Steelspark the Gnome Warrior is now a member of Single Abstract Noun on the Argent Dawn-US. I only spent about forty minutes in there, but levelling in Dun Morogh has never been so much fun.